Genealogy Education and Consultation



 One-on-one genealogy consultation and education are available nation wide! Through email, phone, and/or video chat I will help answer your specific genealogical questions. 

Consultations are a great way to help you figure out where and what to look for. 

Some examples of genealogy consultations topics: 

How do I build a tree on a genealogical website?

What information can be obtained from a census?

I need help with my application for the Daughters of the American Revolution.

How do I find my ancestors' records over in Italy?

How do I know these people are really my family?


Long Island ONLY

   As a veteran teacher, I offer genealogy classes and seminars throughout Long Island. All ages are welcome! I also offer special classes geared towards high school and college students. 

Perfect for libraries, historical societies, college courses, continuing adult education, and over 65 communities. 

Example of Class Topics:

Intro to Genealogy

  • Building Your Tree On and Off Line
  • Searching and Reading Records
  • Finding Your Ancestor's Story
  • Organizing and Preserving Your Research for Future Generations

Please contact me for more information