Genealogist Sarah Gutmann

Your Family Tree Climber

Genealogy is not a common hobby for a 13 year old, especially in 1996.  My friends did not know I spent countless hours scrolling through microfilm and contacting churches looking for records. What fascinated me was not just dates and locations, but piecing together the stories of family members forgotten by time. 

Once the Internet came along, brick walls came crashing down. For over two decades I have enjoyed not only building my family tree, but also helping friends, family, and students discover their own past. With so many records available, my goal is to make sure each person is climbing THEIR family tree.

In 2017 my passion led me to begin my certification as a professional genealogist through ICAP. 

Certification and Education

  • Member of Association of Professional Genealogist
  • Professional Genealogist accreditation - in process through ICAP. Concentration in Mid Atlantic Region
  • MA- History concentration in American History
  • MA- English 
  • MA- Educational Psychology
  • BA- Psychology and Special Education
  • NY and CT Teacher Certified 1-6, Special Ed 1-12, History 7-12, English 7-12

Specialty Areas

Mid-Atlantic Region

United States of America