Frequently Asked Questions For The Genealogist

I don't know what I am looking for, can you help me?

Each person is looking for something different. And many times, people start out their genealogy quest with just the hope of finding out more about their ancestors. I can help you set and accomplish your research goals. 

What do I need to get started?

I am excited to help you discover your past! To make the most out of our quest I will need as many details as you know on the ancestor(s) you are focusing on. This includes what informational avenues you have already explored and dead ends you have come across. 

Do I need to have an

The short answer is no. I do though suggest creating a free account so we can record your findings. A full account is helpful if you would like to do your own sleuthing. I have subscriptions to multiple genealogical sites so I will be able to conduct searches for you. 

Who Does Most Of The Research?

This is a partnership, so as the client you decide how much or how little of the research you would like to do. Some people prefer for me to do all the research and recording, while others just need occasional direction. We will work together to find what balance works for you. 

Is There A Guarantee?

Unfortunately, sometimes records are just not available and it takes awhile to figure that out. Although there is no guarantee records or information will be found, I do promise to do my best. If I am not sure if I can help you, I will tell you. 

What Are Your Fees?

Genealogy services begin at $100, which includes 4 hours of research/ correspondence. Then is $30 each additional hour.  Obtaining certified records and publishing is an additional fee. 

I also provide 1 on 1 personalized video chat tutorials for $45 an hour.